A Lawyer since 2005. Fashion Designer since 2017. A Wife to a very lucky man since 2016. A devoted Mother to a handsome and wonderful one year old boy since December 2017. A Blogger since February 2019. Hijabista since 2018. A Diva for eternally. A Foodist for forever. An avid fan of Korean Dramas since 2003. A part time Make up Artist for friends and family who were after having their face painted by me and it turn out ugly, still very much thankful for that.

Love Karaoke-ing. Love reading Biography, Fiction, Finance [I’m far from rich] and self-enrichment books. Love writing. Love Coffee. Love Google. Love my Son. Love my Family. Love my BFFs.

Love my job as a Lawyer. Hate my job as a Lawyer. Love it again every time I won a case. Hate it when clients drove me nuts! I wanna quit but I just can’t. I’ll tell you why in my upcoming post.

I wanna be a Blogger after I read a book titled “Un***k Yourself” by https://garyjohnbishop.com/. [Disclaimer: The book has got nothing to do with “How to be a successful blogger and etc'” thing. I will not get into details but I would suggest you to pick it up and read]. What I want to say is my brain somehow re-wire from I CAN’T to I CAN after I read that book [Gary John Bishop is brilliant!]

The thing is I always wanted to try blogging but I’m scared. Scared of what others gonna think about my blog. Scared that my English has more grammatical errors than good contents. Scared if no one is dropping by and visiting my site. So in the end of the day, I have decided I just can’t. Blogging is too much to handle for my stress.

Honestly, as at today, I still don’t have many visitors. There are still grammar flaws here and there in my writings. I have no idea what to write about for my next post. And I’m still scared of what others gonna think about my blog.

But…do I really care about it NOW?

I really don’t.

I love writing. I love sharing my thoughts. Why would I wanna stop doing what I love just because I’m scared of those things. I just need to do this regularly and at the same time learn as much as I can about Blogging. One step at a time.

You will never know what future holds. I might be the next big thing in Blogging community.