Essential Oils Obsession

I’m not the only one. Before me, millions already into it. Like blogging, I discovered essential oils benefits probably a little too late from others. Now its become my current obsession. Its crazy how this tiny little bottle actually packed with enormous amount of benefits in it. Like many, I’m smitten then truly attracted by the beauty of essential oils and the sensual feeling it gaves me.

Why Essential oil? Why now?

I believe, everything’s around us is alive in a form of energy. Its communicating with us by sending wave or frequency. It’s not something that I (eye) can see. But surely something that I can feel. Its purpose of existence is none other but purely and soleyly to help and benefit us the mortal.

Why essential oil? Why now?

Honestly, essential oil is not something unfamiliar to me. What is was the magic that everyone talked about. I’m skeptical and highly doubtful. Until I met Valor and rolled it all over. That’s it!! That is all I need… to believe.

Yes. Believe.

It has healing, uplifting and even empowerment power. Surreal isn’t it? But it is true. One has to experience it to believe it.

I have tried few and I am never this happier. It gave me more than xanax and lexapro could do. I can’t wait to try many more of its kind. The essential oils I mean.

As of now, farewell anxiety, goodbye depression.

My arms wide open as I welcome abundance, great health and happiness into my life from now on.

Feel (Young & Living) life to the fullest

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