Pandemic, Lockdown and Parenthood.

Covid 19. It’s all over the news. With the increased in numbers of people get infected daily and the deaths, it is a scary world we lived in now. No one knows when thing will get back to normal again.

At critical moment like this, parents are the most cautious and stressful people. At least I did. I can’t help but feelings worried and scared everytime I look at my 2 years old son.

Of course he has no slightest worries like I did. He didn’t even knows that the world around him start to crumble and many has succumbed to the deadly virus.

So parents, should you be worried?

Of Course!

But should you stop yourself from living your life just because you are worried what this pandemic could cost you and your family?

Absolutely No!

You should stop worrying and start living your life again. You have kids to raise for God sake. If you are stressing out on things that has yet to happened or (probably never happened) to you and your family, you have no reason to stop living your life as how it should be prior to the pandemic (with little adjustment to the current situation) .

Of course many of us has been affected by the pandemic especially financially. But our government has taken measures and steps to control the spreads of the virus and providing financial aids and reliefs to everyone of us. Other than that, just obediently followed the lockdown order and keep your family hygiene at their best.

Do not sit as if you are waiting for the virus to find you. Instead, be on your foot and do whatever you always wanted to do but never had a chance of doing. For example, spending more times with your children.

I am envious to those who has the privilege of being stay home moms. They are the luckiest. I, on the other hand had no option but to leave my son at a day care nursery.

With current pandemic and lockdown order, we are now forced to stay home.

It is actually a blessing in disguise.

As working parents, this is the best time to spend quality times with your children. You have been so busy with works and leave all parenting jobs to the people at nursery or school for years.

Now you have all the times you want to spend time with your children.

So parents, it’s about time for you to show your kids what real talents are. Be the clowns, be the animals in one of your kids storybook, be the best chef, the best singer, the best musicians, perhaps magicians and many more. Be whatever they want you to be. Have fun and explore the kids’ world with your children without hesitatiom. Be the parents they always want you to be at their age.

Like many parents, I do not wish to raise my child in this kind of situation. But this is beyond our control. Its just happened and now we have to live with it at the moment.

It is OK to be worried but don’t loose yourself in the process and have faith that things will get better soon. Don’t give up now parents. Your family needs you. Chin up and be the best parents you could be to your children at this critical times. Remember, you are not alone. We are in this together. You can do it Moms (and dads of course!)

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