It’s a scary things to some…. taboo topics for the elderly…a blessing for others.

People gave up their marriage for many reasons.

To be honest once you get married it is not easy to walk away.

Hence, divorce is not a drastic decision but a well thought of.

It took years for a wife to finally have the courage and strength to walk away from an abusive marriage and/or cheating husband.

It took countless effort of trying to save a marriage before a husband finally gave up with the selfish act of wife or in laws.

Because its never easy. You might have bee thinking of divorce 10 years before it is really happening.

It is always the case that people marry for love. But like a life, love has a life span and expiry date too. Couple often opted for divorce because they don’t love each other anymore and living together as married couple is no longer convenient. They eager to move on and going into a different direction. Whichever makes them happy.

And like marriage, divorce can be really costly.

Never ever criticize couple who opted for divorce. We are not in their situations or living their life. We don’t know what’s really happening for them to make such difficult decision.

There is nothing wrong with getting a divorce. What makes it wrong is because of some people who tends to label divorce as embarrassing and those who getting a divorce are sinners.

To me..

If leaving a bad marriage makes me happy…so be it. Let me be the sinner.

A R E S P E C T please…

Today I would like to talk about one thing in particular.

It is not a commodity but very high in demand.

It is the most valuable thing in every one’s life though not many own it.

It is something that money could not purchase though some people willing to spent fortune to earn it.

It is R E S P E C T.

Many have mistaken being polite to someone means a respect to that person. I can assure you that 100 of people may not be rude towards you but that doesn’t mean they are respecting you at any level.

Polite and Respect are two different things. They are not in pari materia or vis-a-vis with each other. They come in a different package and they offered a different meaning.

Polite is an act while respect is a…concept. You have to understand its meaning, purpose, execution and the value it carries.

Respect is larger than age, status, level of education and wealth.

We often misunderstand obedience, fear and silence as an act or gesture of respect.

We thought that by having more than anyone else i.e wealth, power, status, education or in this era of digital by having more followers…we deserve to be respected.

Respect is not an automatic right nor anyone can have it at any time and any where and however it was required.

As said earlier, respect is a concept to be learnt and understand. Similar to trust and love. It has to be earned but not force out of anyone.

Parents don’t earned the respect just because they giving birth and raised their children.

Employer don’t get respected just because they are paying the salaries.

Teachers don’t deserves outright respect just because they share their knowledge to students.

Ruling party of the country certainly received the least respect when they failed their people.

Dato/Datukship or being a wife/children/parents to someone with that title doesn’t give you the right to be respected rightaway.

Being a lawyer might sounds intimidated to many people yet again it doesn’t guarantee the respect some expected.

There are lots more example. Go figure.

What I wanted to say exactly is…Respect needs to be understood and properly placed.

Respect should not be interpreted literally or be taken lightly.

Respect has to be voluntarily delivers.

Respect is not easily earn. Once you lost it you will never get it back.

Respect itself is a very strong force. That is why people demand for respect as a validation. Respect added value to people’s life.

But respect in its truest form…

Is very tender and delicate in nature. Extra care and attention requires to prolong it life span. It has to be nurtured with acts of kindness sincererity and selfless amongst others.

Respect is well-known for it short life span.

Respect do die.

Just remember this….

Some people choose to act polite towards the others though they hate that persons because being rude is not an option. It is just wrong.

They choose not to act up but being polite because it saves them from negativities and unnecessary drama from a rude and selfish people who doesn’t deserves to be respected.

If you don’t know it yet…

A little act of kindness and compassion will earned you a big respect.

Try it.

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