For the Love of Dim Sum

I love Dim Sum.

Who doesn’t?!

But normally, people went for a dim sum spree with friends or family. It’s a sumptuous meal that gets even delicious if enjoyed by many while updating each others on recent scandalous gossips or down memory lane over almost forgotten gossips.

Not in my case.

Since no body is available to join me on my Sunday’s Dim Sum buffet @ Hyatt Regency Kinabalu quest, I went there all by myself. ALONE. Yup!

Some will think ‘How pitiful’. Who would wanted to have a meal alone.

Ermmmm. ME.


Plus, I don’t really have that many close friends to begin with. The older I gets, the smallest circle of friends I had.

I will end up real alone and really lonely by the time I reach 60.

So back to my dim sum story. I think I have gone a little bit too greedy. I wanna try everything on the table so I ended up putting every kind of dim sum on my plates and then realized, I might be a little too much for some one who went there ALONE.

But to return it back to the tray would be inappropriate and no one is allowed to have a ‘take out’ for left over dim sum.

So you can imagine what happened next to the greedy girl. What supposed to be enjoyable and fun dim sum eating session become the most suffering moment of stuffing the dim sum to your mouth and forcing it way in to your already full tummy for the sake of trying to finish them all.

At the end, I didn’t finish it. I COULDN’T or else I will end up dying for eating too much dim sum.

So I gave up. That’s enough!


Do I really enjoy eating dim sum alone?

I don’t mind the eating alone part. I will do it again sooner than I thought. BUT do I wanna have another dim sum buffet sessions any time sooner? Ask me again after 8 months. I think I have a little too much love for dim sum this time around. I need a break!

Photos: Some of the dim sum I had on my table.

*The price for the buffet is RM88/-.

Author: Kind of Zifa

A mother to Sirr Abbasy Emmanuel, Awesome Wife, Daughter and sister. Great friend. Lawyer on weekdays from 10am - 3pm. Fashion Designer on every weekends. Entrepreneur on daily basis. 24/7 Mom. Miss Diva for eternally. Now...a blogger for real!

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