Haters that Hate….Lovers that Love

I couldn’t sleep last night.

Fever and Flu caught my little one and made him a little bit uncomfortable since yesterday.

The thing is whenever his friends i.e little fever and flu comes visiting, most of the time unannounced, I tend to get a little bit panic and stress.

Okay. I lied.

Not little but over the top sort of panic attack followed by the unnecessary stress. Hence, the sleepless night.

So, to kill time and while constantly checking on my baby temperature for every 30 minutes I decided to watch US reality TV show called Shark Tank. My current obsession. I am now at Season 9. I have completed Season 10 last week.

Back to the episode I watched last night, there was this guy asking $200,000 from the sharks in return of 5% stake of his company. This guy has been developing a Dating app called Hater. The interesting part is you will be meeting your potential better half through this app based on what you hate instead of what you like or love. How brilliant is that.

This guy went on saying that based on research, people actually tend to bond over things they hate rather than things they like or love and boy couldn’t I agree more? Call this guy nonsense or me crazy but that’s true you know.

And you know this guy is right all along. Don’t bluffed yourself.

How long it takes for you and your besties to continue talking about fashion you like, people you love, things you enjoy before realized how boring it was and turn the conversation into fashion you hate, people you annoyed, things that stress you out and many more. It could go on and on and on with more of exclamation marks coming your way rather than a full stop. And when you besties meet again, it continues. You talk about ‘hate’ like no body business.

Many of us didn’t realized this but this is for real. People bonds over hate. It’s contagious. Some even took it to another level by posting their ‘Hate’ thought across social Media…uncensored. Some goes even higher by spreading hate at anyone or strangers’ post in comment’s section. That is why nowadays don’t be so surprised whenever you click on someone’s post or blog you couldn’t help but noticing that it contains more Haters that hate than Lovers that love. It’s a war of words. The comments with full blast of hate bomb received more likes and loves compare to the one with peace offering.

I’m not saying I am an exception. I do have hates to offer…lots of it. For example, a recent event where a video of judges dancing with controversial figures in Malaysia goes viral. They were heavily criticized and bombarded with hates comments. I have my thought and opinion about it and I can assure you..it’s on the HATE side.

Same goes to the actress who have decided to take off her Hijab for good after 5 years of wearing it. As a Muslim and someone who is wearing Hijab, I have lots to say about her action. And once again, I can assure you, it’s also on the HATE side.

The thing is we tend to look for BAD rather than GOOD, HATE instead of LIKE, NEGATIVE compared to POSITIVE. Again, I’m not saying this because I am an exception. I’m not Miss Nice kinda type you know. The different here is I rather keeping all that HATE to myself rather than spreading it over social media like mad….as I always believe ‘If you have nothing nice to say….just SHUT UP!”. Zip it. Or if you really can’t help it, call your besties..spill everything over a coffee and sumptuous meals.

OR why don’t you cites istighfar, “Astaghfirullahaladzim” every time you have the urge to think or say something that full of hatred. Trust me. It works….every time.


The Dating App guy, as crazy as his app’s sounds, he received 4 offers out of 5 Sharks. He’s gonna be a Billionaire bro!!

Now you….don’t hate.

Author: Kind of Zifa

A mother to Sirr Abbasy Emmanuel, Awesome Wife, Daughter and sister. Great friend. Lawyer on weekdays from 10am - 3pm. Fashion Designer on every weekends. Entrepreneur on daily basis. 24/7 Mom. Miss Diva for eternally. Now...a blogger for real!

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