Lawyer vs. Blogger

I still can’t get over of the fact that I am officially a BLOGGER and the owner of a blog site called (Woot! Woot!) A newbie perhaps. But once a Blogger always a Blogger. How cool is that!!

I’m so excited as I have lots of things to share and write about. I don’t know where to begin or what topic should I write first. Should I write something random or specific.

Urghhh! It’s so annoying to find that I can be clueless when it comes to writing things I’m actually passionate about.

The thing is being a hardcore litigation lawyer for 14 years, writing shouldn’t be a problem to me. It’s my forte. I have been writing all kind of legal documents from pleadings to submissions to countless affidavits, legal opinions and agreements. I have written them in pages and thousands of words. Knowing how redundant legal writing can be, my vocabularies supposedly quite impressive I guess.

But let me tell you one thing, writing legal papers are way much different from writing a blog. It is something I was trained to do and repeatedly doing for as long as I could remember. In legal practice, sometimes I would came across similar cases. So basically, I knew exactly what to do. How to argue. What direction should I take. The most important thing is it’s never about me or my life but about the person or people I represent. It’s a lack of emotion and definitely a selfish job. I only have to think about my client[s] and their best interest. I don’t care what my opponent think or the implication it could cause on them [Yes. It’s a brutal reality].

The other thing is no one except these people are going to read my documents i.e [1] My client[s] [2] The Opponent and [3] The Judge. I have no one to impress but the Judge. Legal practice is always revolves around certain people or person’s life, properties, rights and interest. It’s always about win or lose. Who’s right who’s wrong.

Different from blogging, my writing could reach 10 or hundreds or thousands or probably millions of people. If I want to add value on many people’s life, I can’t be selfish in writing. I have to write in a manner and using terms that can easily relates and understand by many. In this context, legal papers are always confusing and hard to understand by most people who are not in this profession or never come across any legal conflicts. It took me years of experience to finally get a hang of this job.

Back to blogging, it’s an emotional journey to both blogger and readers. You can’t write something without a tint of emotion or else how can the readers relate to you and your post. That’s what I felt every time I read a blog. I want to read something I can relate myself to.

Like recently, I read a blog by about plus size travelers. It is something I can relate as I myself a plus size. Yeah you heard me right.

I want to write something funny and witty and compelling. It is the way of writing I can’t never do and implement in legal documents. But by being a Blogger I can showcase my writing talent in a different and most interesting and fashionable way. I can use crazy words..creating my own quotes…stating my own personal opinion. Different from legal documents, every statement made has to be backed by evidence and legal precedent. No rooms for unnecessary assumptions.

If you ask me which I prefer. Blogging of course!! without a doubt! I can be myself 200%. Remember what I said earlier, being a lawyer is a lack of emotion and selfish job, I could shamelessly told you that in person I am far from selfish and sometimes I am way too generous despite having the most brutal and harsh job in the world.

I know some lawyers could not agree and would love to sharpen their tongue and ready to argue about this.

Leave it.

I don’t really care. It’s my opinion and at the moment….only my opinion matters.

Till my next posts….lets agree to disagree.

Author: Kind of Zifa

A mother to Sirr Abbasy Emmanuel, Awesome Wife, Daughter and sister. Great friend. Lawyer on weekdays from 10am - 3pm. Fashion Designer on every weekends. Entrepreneur on daily basis. 24/7 Mom. Miss Diva for eternally. Now...a blogger for real!

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