Home Sweet Home

Home is where heart is belong "I dreamt of a home. In that dream of mine Home feels like heaven It was bright and warm It was so beautiful I can't stop smiling. Oh how happy I am To finally have a home That I have been longing for. In that dream of mine Everything … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

Don’t Be… Just Don’t!

Don't be a parent just for the sake of making your parents happy for having a grandchildren. Don't be a parent just because you need to prove that you are potent. Don't be a parent just because you are married and the next thing to do is having a baby just because everyone did. Don't … Continue reading Don’t Be… Just Don’t!

It’s real

When the anxiety and the depression kicked in for the first time...I really don't know what to do. I don't know what's triggered the attack. It was launched against me without warning. May be there was a warning...obviously I am totally unaware of it. I thought I am going to die....that day. Anyhoo, it was … Continue reading It’s real


Disclaimer: This post narrated to me by someone who greatly affected emotionally by her past experiences. In order to get better she had to dealt with the trauma, face her fear and overcome her insecurities. One of which is making peace with her past. Road to recovery is never easy for those with depression. Show … Continue reading Broken

Second baby….? Ermmm…NO!

Being a Mother is the most rewarding feeling I had ever experience but if people ask me whether I would love being a mother for the second time all over again.....I would say NO. Absolutely NO. I'm not mentally and emotionally strong to begin with. To be honest, I have a difficult time playing role … Continue reading Second baby….? Ermmm…NO!

For the Love of Dim Sum

I love Dim Sum. Who doesn't?! But normally, people went for a dim sum spree with friends or family. It's a sumptuous meal that gets even delicious if enjoyed by many while updating each others on recent scandalous gossips or down memory lane over almost forgotten gossips. Not in my case. Since no body is … Continue reading For the Love of Dim Sum


I'm back on blog! I know I have made a promise to blog everyday. I DID....for three consecutive days! What an achievement. But promises are meant to be broken 😂. So....I stop after 3rd publication. For good! Nahh...just kidding. Too many things happened and the recent one was my father Bypass graft operation. So my … Continue reading R.E.B.O.R.N